Loopless is a Common Lisp library that obsoletes loop with just a few straightforward utilities. Seriously! (On second thought, I'm not so sure. A much better version is in the works...)

There's a section dedicated to selling you this outrageous concept
in the comprehensive documentation (this HTML version was generated from the Texinfo source).

The source code for Loopless is hosted on GitHub.

Loopless is in the public domain.
Do anything you want with it.

Long overdue update 7 november 2011:
By the way I can't recommend anyone use Loopless 1.0 (the current version) except maybe LOOP haters and the terminally curious. Oh, and there are some stupid bugs (ex: extraneous BLOCK NILs in macros) in the current version. And my opinions have somewhat evolved so don't take the "LOOP rage" parts in the documentation too seriously.

Anyway, I'm (slowly) working on Loopless 2.0 which will be another thing entirely... That version will be so good it won't even need to appeal to LOOP hate. Hopefully.

Update 3 december 2011:
At my request, Loopless 1.0 has been pulled from Quicklisp. Brace yourselves for Loopless 2.0! ;P But honestly, I'm busy with quite a few other projects right now, there are a few different aspects of CL I've grown mildly dissatisfied with besides LOOP, and I decided to do something about it. So, a Loopless 2.0 release is at least several months away. Thank you for your patience!